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7. "Professional reviewers" If the reviewer doesn't seem to understand what your organization does, mentions services that don't exist, or shows no indication of having used the product or service, their negative review is probably a fake.

According to CMA data, an estimated £23 billion a year of consumer spending - equivalent to around £900 per household - is influenced by online reviews. Financial penalties would be imposed by the CMA with penalties worth up to 10 per cent of global annual turnover for businesses or up to £300,000 in the case of an individual.

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Outside of Amazon family spending, the rewards can be bested by other cards Depending on how much you spend on Amazon purchases, Whole Foods and on other purchase categories, one credit card is likely to be a better option over another. It's always a good idea to estimate your spending patterns and calculate how much cash back you would earn with a credit card you are considering, remembering to take into account the card's annual fee.

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